Field Services

2018 Map - Six Districts, Three Regions

The Office of Field Services is comprised of  six Area Coordinators (AC). This office administers the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG), and is responsible for maintaining the Statewide Mutual Aid Compact (SMAC) between all eighty-two (82) counties and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

MEMA’s Area Coordinators are assigned to the six MEMA established districts within the state. Area Coordinators are the state’s liaisons to the local jurisdictions for emergency management activities and incidents. It is highly preferred that an AC live inside the district to which they are assigned, otherwise they MUST live within 50 miles of their assigned district. This allows the ACs to provide daily assistance with emergency management activities as well as quicker response to incidents and/or disasters.

The “AC’s” have numerous years of combined experience and expertise in all areas of emergency management including law enforcement, medical services, local government, and fire services.

On a day to day basis, the “AC’s” assist the County EMA Directors and municipalities with all aspects of emergency management including planning, training, exercise, mitigation, recovery and various emergency management related grants.  During disasters, the “AC’s” will assist the local officials with damage assessments, identifying urgent needs, understanding available resources, and coordinating state resources that assist local responders.

For more information about the Office of Field Services, please contact Dave Snider, Office of Response Director, at 601-933-6376 or