Outreach Services

The Office of Outreach Services is comprised of the Individual Assistance Bureau, the Disaster Reservists Bureau, MEMA4Kids and the Disability Integration Advisor and will also include all of our efforts to work with the different volunteer organizations that we deal with before, during and after a disaster. 

  • Individual Assistance: During a Presidential Disaster Declaration, Individual Assistance programs can aid homeowners and renters with housing needs and necessary assistance.
  • Disaster Reservists: MEMA’s Disaster Reservist program was created to provide a corps of trained and experienced Mississippians who can be activated on an as-needed basis to meet staffing needs during emergencies. The program keeps a database of individuals with skills and experience that may be used during disasters. Click here to apply online or learn more information.
  • Disability Integration: Disability Integration staff provide day to day leadership, advice and guidance in all aspects of emergency management in order to ensure that individuals with disabilities of all ages are provided equal access, receive timely and appropriate services and are fully integrated into planning, response and recovery activities in a disaster.

    For more information contact Christy Dunaway, Disability Integration Advisor at cdunaway@mema.ms.gov or 601-933-6848.

  • MEMA4Kids: This campaign is built around Delta the Disaster Dog, Pearl the Preparedness Pup and Jake the Mitigation Wizard.  Delta and Pearl embark on a journey across Mississippi to learn about all the hazards we face and how to prepare for them. At the end of each trip Jake offers advice on mitigation, which is techniques to reduce the impact of a particular disaster, on people and property.    MEMA4Kids section. For more information contact Davina Studley at astudley@mema.ms.gov or 601-622-3454.

For more information about the Office of Outreach Services, contact Office Director John Vinzant at 601-933-6839 or jvinzant@mema.ms.gov.