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Mississippi state law charges MEMA with maintaining a comprehensive statewide emergency management program and is responsible for coordinating with federal, state and local governments, school boards and private associations that have a role in emergency management.

Emergency Coordinating Officer form:

ECO Form 

Mississippi Emergency Management Law:

To view Mississippi’s Emergency Management Law, click here.

Disaster Reporting Forms:

Disaster Report 1
Disaster Report 2
Disaster Report 3 (Local Emergency)
Request for State of Emergency

Damage Assessment Forms:

DA1: Individual Assistance formDA1 instructions.
DA2: Business and Agriculture formDA2 instructions.
DA3: Public Assistance formDA3 instruction.
DA4: Debris Removal formDA4 instructions.
DA5: Summary formDA5 instructions.
DA6: Budget formDA6 instructions.
Individual Assistance Damage Assessment Level Guidelines
Public Assistance Damage Assessment Guidelines

FEMA Disaster Procurement Guidelines:

State CEMP:

MEMA maintains the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which outlines the state’s response to emergencies and contains specific annexes that outline each state agency’s role during an event.

To view the CEMP, click here.

Hazard Mitigation Plan:

MEMA maintains the State Hazard Mitigation Plan that identifies the major natural hazards that affect our state, assesses the risk that each hazard poses, projects the vulnerability of our citizens, property and infrastructure and recommends actions that can be taken to reduce the risk of specific hazards.

To view the State Hazard Mitigation Plan, click here.

Statewide Mutual Aid Compact:

The Statewide Mutual Aid Compact, or SMAC, began in 1995 by MEMA to provide a more effective use of resources in times of disaster. It provides a way for cities and counties to request and receive help from each other when local resources are exhausted. SMAC provides a mechanism for assistance to come from different parts of the state. It addresses the issues of liability, compensation, direction and control in a uniform manner. SMAC allows members of the compact to have a mutual aid agreement with both the state and other compact members.

To view the SMAC Agreement, click here.

New Public Assistance Delivery Model

To view the new FEMA Public Assistance Delivery Model, click here

Incident Command Structure (ICS) Forms:

ICS 201 Incident Briefing
ICS 202 Incident Objectives
ICS 203 Organization Assignment List
ICS 204 Assignment List
ICS 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan
ICS 205A Communications List
ICS 206 Medical Plan
ICS 207 Incident Organization Chart
ICS 208 Safety Message-Plan
ICS 209 Incident Status Summary
ICS 210 Resource Status Change
ICS 211 Incident Check-In List
ICS 213 General Message
ICS 213 RR-Resource Request Message
ICS 214 Activity Log
ICS 215 Operational Planning Worksheet
ICS 215A Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis
ICS 218 Support Vehicle-Equipment Inventory
ICS 221 Demobilization Check-out
ICS 225 Incident Personnel Performance Rating
ICS 230 Meeting Schedule

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