PEARL – Residents in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties can now save more money to protect their homes from wind damage if they participate in the Coastal Retrofit Mississippi Initiative.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency lowered the homeowner cost-share for participants from 25 percent to 10 percent of the standard package cost.

This means that 90 percent of the standard package retrofit will be paid by the grant, with the other 10 percent the responsibility of the homeowner.

FEMA also approved the inclusion of additional retrofits such as gable outlookers and ridge and off-ridge vents, which allows the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency to offer a package which parallels the Institute for Business and Home Safety Fortified Home bronze level.

Residents who have already participated in the program at the 25 percent cost-share, will be contacted by program staff, and reimbursed the appropriate cost share reduction.

The Coastal Retrofit Mississippi project is a $27 million grant funded project, through FEMA, to help homeowners strengthen their homes against wind damage.

Phase one of the project will provide grants to homeowners in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties who at a minimum meet the following qualifications:

  • Owner-occupied single family structures.
  • Owners have a current homestead exemption.
  • Homes meet or exceed FEMA’s required Benefit Cost Analysis ratio.
  • Homes are site built and mounted on a secure foundation.

For more information about the program, visit or call (228) 432-3143.

For preparedness information visit MEMA’s website at, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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