PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has received reports of damage from eleven counties, as a result of severe weather that moved through last night and this morning.

“We were very fortunate that only one minor injury was reported,” said MEMA Director Robert Latham. “Our residents took the warnings seriously, and it shows that preparedness works.”

The counties reporting damages are as follows:

  • Coahoma: Damage to at least one home and one business. Power outages.
  • Desoto: Damage to several homes. Power outages.
  • Grenada: Damage to a few homes. Trees down.
  • Lee: Downed trees and power lines.
  • Monroe: Damage to a few homes. Power outages. One non-life threatening injury.
  • Neshoba: Damage to a few businesses.
  • Panola: Damage to at least one home. Trees down and power outages.
  • Pontotoc: Damage to several homes. Power outages.
  • Quitman: Damage to at least one home. Trees down.
  • Tallahatchie: Damage to a few homes. Trees down.
  • Washington: Damage to several homes. Trees down and power outages.

Updates of reported damages will be released as they become available.

The National Weather Service will conduct storm surveys in affected counties to determine whether damages were the result of straight line winds or tornadoes.

The public is encouraged to follow MEMA on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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