PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is asking residents to prepare for another round of heavy rain to impact the state over the weekend. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service shows a stationary front will remain over the area into next week, bringing the possibility of severe weather.

Some counties have seen more than six inches of rain over the last few days, which raises the concerns of additional flooding, downed trees and power lines due to saturated soil, and the possibility of mudslides.

“With more rain in the forecast, we want to remind everyone that flash flooding is still a possibility,” said MEMA Director Robert Latham. “If you live near a lake or dam, it is important that you be aware of the water level, and be prepared to take action if necessary.”

Reported Damage:
Seven counties reported damages to the State Emergency Operations Center in Pearl from the heavy rains and storms on Thursday. The damages are as follows:

  • Adams: Damage to a few homes, localized flooding, mudslides and trees down.
  • Claiborne: Localized flooding.
  • Desoto: Damage to a private dam.
  • Jefferson: Damage to a few homes, localized flooding and power outages.
  • Sunflower: Damage to several homes and two public buildings.
  • Wilkinson: Damage to at least one home.
  • Winston: Damage to at least one home and a few agricultural buildings.

Always treat downed power lines as live or active. If you notice downed power lines in your area, move away from the area immediately, and call your power service company, or 9-1-1. NEVER attempt to move, drive or walk over or near downed power lines as they can arc to you or your vehicle.

Never walk or drive through flood water, because it is difficult to know how deep and how fast it is moving. If you encounter flood waters, remember the saying “turn around, don’t drown.”

MEMA urges the public to report damages to your local Emergency Management Agency. For a list of contact numbers for your county, visit www.msema.org/local-ema.

The public is encouraged to follow MEMA on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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