MEMA Urges Residents To Develop A Family Emergeny Plan

Pearl – To increase your chances of surviving a disaster, develop and familiarize yourself and your family with an emergency plan.

As part of Mississippi’s Hurricane Preparedness week, MEMA Director Robert Latham urges individuals and families to develop and review their Family Disaster Plans before the start of Hurricane Season on June 1. The plan should include an evacuation method and route, a communications plan and a disaster supply kit.

“A family disaster plan can save lives,” Latham said. “A disaster plan is something every family should have even if they don’t live in an area with a high at risk of experiencing a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or hazardous spill.”

Mississippians should contact their local emergency management directors to learn about their communities’ emergency plans, locations of shelters and evacuation routes. Residents should identify ahead of time the places they will go in the event of an evacuation.

Following an evacuation, a communications plan can help residents locate family members and friends who also evacuated. During and after a storm, telephone service will likely be limited. It is often easier to call long distance, outside the disaster area. Ask an out-of-state friend or relative to serve as the family contact person. Make sure all family members know the name, address and telephone number for this contact person.

Develop and maintain a Family Disaster Supply Kit with life sustaining items such as non-perishable food and water for at least three to five days, a first aid kit with prescription medications, a battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries, cash and traveler’s checks and specialty items such as baby formula and pet-care items.

Governor Phil Bryant declared June 4-8 as Hurricane Preparedness Week.

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