The Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund

The Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund was set up immediately after Hurricane Katrina to provide a central place to make donations for animal issues during a time of disaster.  The fund is overseen by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health, Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association and College of Veterinary Medicine, Disaster Relief Committee; hundreds of animals have been helped as a result of this fund.

The purpose of the MADRF is to provide immediate assistance to Mississippians during recovery from animal-related disasters, as well as support efforts to mitigate, prevent, and protect animal health and welfare in disasters. This includes activities such as reimbursement for out-of-pocket veterinary costs, distribution of vouchers for immediate medical care, support of local veterinary infrastructure, preparation for animal care and sheltering, stockpiling supplies, providing for emergency hay and feed needs, and training emergency responders

Anyone interested in donating to the Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund may send a check to the following address:

Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund
P. O. Box 395
Clinton, MS 39060

More information regarding the fund and requests for assistance can be found on our website: