Updated Mississippi Flooding Response and Recovery

PEARL, Miss – The Mississippi State Emergency Operations Center has storm reports from 40 counties due to the heavy rainfall and flooding throughout the state. Initial damage reports show more than 600 homes with major damage and a total of nearly 1,600 are affected. There is one injury reported in Jones County and two fishermen are still missing from Claiborne County.

Damage Assessments:

  • FEMA individual assistance damage assessment teams will arrive in Mississippi Thursday morning. Joint preliminary damage assessments with FEMA, SBA, MEMA and local officials will begin Friday in Coahoma and Washington counties. Additional counties will be assessed as water recedes and areas become accessible. The results of the joint damage assessments will be used to determine what types of federal assistance may be available.

There are seven shelters open throughout the state being managed or supported by the Mississippi Department of Human Services and the American Red Cross:

  • Bolivar County: Merigold Storm Shelter, 300 Lee St. in Merigold.
  • Clarke County: Shubuta Fire Department, 325 N. High Street in Shubuta.
  • Coahoma County: County Expo Center 1150 Wildcat Dr. in Clarksdale.
  • Forrest County: 361 Shelter, 946 Sullivan Dr. in Hattiesburg.
  • Perry County: Perry Central High School, 9899 Hwy 98 in New Augusta.
  • Quitman County: New Zion MB Church Family Life Center.
  • Washington County: County Convention Center, 1040 Raceway Rd. in Greenville.

The Mississippi State Extension Service Early Years Network is providing safe spaces for children in the shelters.


  • Distributed 360,000 sandbags, 17,280 bottles of water, 1,152 MREs and 150 tarps to counties.


  • I-59 and I-10 are open. Flood waters did not rise as predicted at I-59, and crews continue to monitor the Pearl River at I-10.
  • Reporting seven roads in seven counties are closed/affected.
  • For the latest traffic information call 5-1-1 or visit www.mdotttraffic.com.

Mississippi State Dept. of Health:

Tetanus Information:

  • Tetanus vaccination is recommended if it’s been 10 years or more since your last tetanus vaccination (Tdap is the recommended vaccine). In the event of a puncture wound or wound contaminated with floodwater, individuals should consult a healthcare provider. Tetanus vaccinations are available at all county health departments.

Mosquitoes and Insects:

  • Once the flood water recedes, remove all sources of standing water in and around your property, including bird baths, wading pools, ceramic pots, etc.
  • Avoid places and times when mosquito activity is at its peak – evenings and mornings have the most activity.
  • Protect yourself with long, light-colored clothing or use insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin. Strictly follow label directions when applying the product.

MS Commission Volunteer Services

  • A Volunteer Response Center has opened in Hattiesburg at 301 Buschman St. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • To donate or register to volunteer: www.msdisasterresponse.org.

American Red Cross:

  • Distributing clean-up kits and supplies to affected areas.

Miss. Department of Environmental Quality:

  • MDEQ Dam Safety staff monitoring dams and levees. Dam Safety Hotline is 1-855-264-6665.

County storm reports (initial damage assessments):

  • Bolivar: 41 homes with major damage and 165 with minor damage. Three businesses with major damage and 21 with minor damage. 15 roads and one publicly owned building with major damage.
  • Claiborne: 12 homes affected and one business with major damage. Two fishermen are missing on the Mississippi River.
  • Clarke: County EMA building flooded, two homes and 25 roads affected in Quitman.
  • Coahoma: 50 homes, 20 apartments and one business with major damage.
  • Covington: Seven homes major damage, five homes and two businesses minor. 10 roads with major damage and 15 with minor damage.
  • DeSoto: 12 houses flooded/inaccessible, 2 swift water rescues and 9 roads closed.
  • Forrest: 47 homes with major damage and 108 minor.
  • Greene: 23 homes with major damage and 51 minor. 40 roads major damage.
  • Harrison: Sandbags available and shelters on stand-by.
  • Hancock: 35 roads closed due to flooding.
  • Hinds: Five homes affected and five roads closed due to flooding.
  • Jackson: Sandbagging and shelters on stand-by.
  • Jefferson Davis: Two businesses with minor damage. 10 roads with major damage and 25 roads with minor damage.
  • Jones: Nine homes major damage, 11 homes minor, five apartments and four businesses minor. 14 roads with minor damage and 31 roads minor. One bridge with major damage and one bridge minor.
  • Lamar: Eight homes with minor damage. One road with major damage and four with minor damage.
  • Leake: Two roads with major damage and two roads with minor damage. Three bridges with major damage and one with minor damage.
  • Lawrence: Several roads flooded.
  • Lincoln: 35 roads and five publicly owned buildings with minor damage.
  • Marion: 25 homes and 35 roads affected by flooding.
  • Madison: Several roads affected by flash flooding.
  • Marshall: Six homes minor damage, several roads flooded.
  • Panola: Two homes and one agricultural major damage, 33 homes, one business and one agricultural building minor damage, several roads damaged.
  • Pearl River: 19 homes destroyed, 25 homes with major damage and 35 with minor damage.
  • Perry: 20 mobile homes destroyed, two homes and 80 mobile homes with major damage and 90 mobile homes with minor damage. Three businesses with minor damage. Four roads with major damage and four with minor damage.
  • Pike: Eight roads closed due to flooding.
  • Quitman: 77 homes and two businesses minor damage, 15 roads major damage.
  • Rankin: Flash flooding of roads.
  • Sharkey: Some flooding in Anguilla. Two mobile homes are inaccessible, but homes are not affected. Residents will stay with family.
  • Simpson: Flash flooding.
  • Smith: One home major damage and two with minor damage. EF-0 tornado confirmed in Raleigh. Major fire extinguished at the Georgia Pacific particleboard facility in Taylorsville.
  • Sunflower: One home major and 12 homes minor. Several roads damaged.
  • Tallahatchie: One home major damage, one homes minor and five roads damaged.
  • Tate: Three homes major damage and two homes minor. Two publicly owned buildings, two roads and two bridges with minor damage.
  • Tunica: 98 homes and roads affected by flooding.
  • Walthall: Swift water rescue and numerous roads flooded.
  • Warren: One home and several roads flooded, numerous trees down, landslide at Hwy 80 and Thorn Hill Dr.
  • Washington: 355 homes destroyed/major damage and 160 minor. Four businesses major damage.
  • Wayne: Eight homes and three businesses affected, public utility, roads and bridges damaged.
  • Wilkinson: Mobile home damaged, flooding in northwest part of county. Damage to roads.
  • Yazoo: Minor road flooding in Yazoo City.

MDOT road reports by county:

Coahoma County:

  • MS 1 at 6 miles south of US 49.
  • Clarke County:

  • MS 512 between Pachuta and Quitman (CLOSED).
  • Hancock County:

  • MS 604 between Birch Drive and MS 607 (CLOSED).
  • Lamar County:

  • MS 589 between Bellevue and Purvis (at Burnt Bridge Road) (EXTENDED CLOSURE).
  • Quitman County:

  • MS 315 at Darling-Birdie Road.
  • Tate County:

  • US 51 at Coldwater Bridge (EXTENDED CLOSURE).
  • Warren County:

  • MS 822 (Old Highway 80) approximately three miles west of MS 27 (EXTENDED CLOSURE).
  • Damage report updates will be released as they become available.

    MEMA urges the public to report damages to your local Emergency Management Agency. For a list of contact numbers for your county, visit www.msema.org/local-ema.

    For more information, go to MEMA’s website at www.msema.org, or download the MEMA mobile app on your iOS or Android device. The best way to get up-to-date information is to “Like” MEMA on Facebook, or “Follow” us on twitter @msema.