Course Books

MEMA 101 – PPT 9-19-18-CURRENT

E-960: Division/Group Supervisor

E/L-969: Communications Unit Leader

L954 All-Hazards Safety Officer

L960 Division & Group Supervisor

L965 Resource Unit Leader

E-971: Facilities Unit Leader

E-973: Finance/Administration Section Chief

G-108: Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance

G-191: Incident Command System (ICS)/Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Interface Workshop

G-108: Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance

G-202: Debris Management Planning for State, Tribal, and Local Officials

G-205:  Recovery from Disaster, the Local Government Role

G-235: Emergency Planning

G-270.4: Recovery from Disaster: The Local Government Role

G-288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management

G-290 & G-291 Public Information Officer Course + JIS/JIC Planning

G318 Local Mitigation Planning Workshop Student Manual

G-358: Evacuation and Re-Entry Planning

G-364: Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools

G-386: Mass Fatality Incident Response


G-489: Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters

G-556: Local Damage Assessment

G-557: Rapid Needs Assessment

G-775: EOC Management and Operations

G-363: Hurricane Readiness for Coastal Communities

ICS-200: ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents


ICS-300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents

ICS-402: ICS Overview for Executives/ Senior Officials

IS-100.b: Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)

IS-548: Continuity Program Manager

IS-700a: National Incident Management System, An Introduction

IS-800: National Response Framework