Frequently Asked Questions Following Hurricane Zeta

How can I get assistance removing debris from my property?

Call 211 for assistance with tree removal and additional resources.


When will I receive federal money to help repair my home?

It takes time to apply and receive federal funding from FEMA. For a homeowner, Individual Assistance is granted after a federal disaster declaration has been approved by the President. At this time, a major disaster declaration has not been approved, because we are in the process of conducting damage assessments. If individual assistance becomes available, more information from MEMA will follow.


Where can I find tarps?

Harrison County residents can call the Volunteer Resource Center at 228-896-2213 to request a tarp. *Only one tarp per home*

Residents in other counties can contact their Local County EMA Director. Officials will distribute tarps to those with structural damage to their home. Contact information for County EMA Directors can be found here:

Due to the high number of residents requesting assistance, local officials are not able to help put tarps on your home, however volunteer organizations may be available to help.


I need help repairing structural damage to my home. What do I do?

First, take pictures of the damage for documentation purposes. Second, call your insurance provider to file a claim. If you do not have insurance, please contact the Knights Nonprofit Center at 228-896-2213 for assistance.

You can also call your local County EMA Director for additional assistance.


Who do I call to report power outages?

Call your local power provider. If you do not know who your provider is, find a recent electric bill with the provider’s name and contact information.


 If I live in a floodplain with damage to my home am I able to repair the damage?

Yes, but you must obtain a permit before repairs begin. The local Floodplain Administrator must assess the damage of the property inside the special flood hazard area. After the assessment has been completed, the permit official may notify the property owners of the results and what requirements they will need to meet during repairs.


Can MEMA provide generators or money to buy a generator?

MEMA provides generators to County EMA Directors when requested. Typically, when generators are requested it is for long-term care facilities and hospitals.


How can I help with recovery efforts along the Coast?

If you are an unaffiliated volunteer, you are asked to register at before you arrive on site to help. You can also register over the phone by calling 228-265-7910 (please leave a voicemail with your information and your call will be returned) or email

Individuals can also donate to Hurricane Zeta relief through the Mississippi Community Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. To donate, go to and click the donate button or text DONATE to (601) 258-6502