PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is urging residents to prepare for another night of icy conditions for parts of the Delta and north Mississippi. The National Weather Service is forecasting up to one tenth of an inch of ice accumulation, which could cause power outages as well as dangerous driving conditions on roads, bridges and overpasses until 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.

MEMA Executive Director Robert Latham is encouraging Mississippians to look out for one another.

“If power goes out we need to make sure high risk folks like our senior and medically dependent citizens are taken care of,” said Latham. “We need to work together as families and communities to look out after those that are vulnerable.”

Motorists should remember to use extreme caution on roads and overpasses if they are traveling in icy areas.

If you encounter any downed power lines, always treat them as if they are live, and report them to your power company or call 9-1-1.

The NWS expects temperatures to rise above freezing on Tuesday morning which should melt any ice accumulations.

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