The Jackson County Board of Supervisors proclaimed a “Declaration of Local Emergency” Monday, August 27th, in advance of Tropical Storm Isaac. The National Weather Service forecasters are predicting continued heavy rainfall throughout the day. Residents should remain alert concerning flooding. Tidal waters will possibly increase through 10 a.m. until peak. High tide will occur approximately at 9 a.m. A Tornado Watch is in effect and there will be a continued threat of tornadoes throughout the day.
Below is the most current Emergency Information:
Avoid areas already flooded, especially if the water is flowing fast. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams.
Road beds may be washed out under flood waters. NEVER drive through flooded roadways. Turn Around Don’t Drown®

Road Closures and/or water on the roadway – This list of road closures reported to the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency at the time of this release:

City of Ocean Springs

  • Front Beach/Washington
  • East Beach
  • Holcomb
  • Halstead
  • Brittany@ boat launch

Gulf Hills

  • Shore Drive at Washington
  • West El Bonito
  • Hermosa
  • Shore Drive

Jackson County Public Information Office Sunday, August 26, 2012 Contact: Monica Cooper Email: publicrelations@co.jackson.ms.us Phone: 228-324-3577


  • Gulf Hills up to 609 mostly flooded

Gulf Park Estates

  • Beachview near the Marina
  • Octavia Street up to 1409
  • Center Street/Webb Landing
  • The ramp at Fort Bayou


  • East North Street
  • Front Beach West
  • Belle Fountaine
  • North 18th Street

St. Martin

  • Lorraine Circle
  • Lemoyne at Hwy 609
  • Brittany Avenue


  • Race Track Road
  • Bismuke
  • Ascot Point
  • Shore Drive
  • Mikie’s on the Bayou Restaurant completely under

City of Moss Point

  • River Road @ the Riverwood Subdivision
  • Cochran Road (Forts Lake/Kreole)
  • Orange Grove Road (Forts Lake)
  • Magnolia Street near Bryan Street
  • Rose Drive
  • Highway 613 near Dantzler Street/at bridge


HIGHWAY 613 has been shut down from I-10 to Bellview Street due to water over the roadway. Drivers are encouraged to use Highway 63 as alternate route.

  • Dantzler St. at Arthur St.
  • Magnolia St. at Jefferson St.
  • Dantzler St. at Torres St.
  • Tanner St.
  • Briggs St./Fredrick St.
  • Jefferson St./Ferry St.
  • Elder Ferry Road @ the Omega Protein Plant
  • Amoco/Elder Ferry

Moss Point City Officials released the following list of streets/roads as areas with the POTENTIAL to flood:

  • Magnolia Street near Howze Street
  • Grierson Street near Miller Street
  • Sherlawn Drive
  • Orange Grove Road near Magnolia Jr. High School

City of Gautier

  • Graveline Road north of railroad tracks
  • Spanish Trial – East end


  • Seacliffe Driveet

City of Pascagoula

  • Magnolia St./Dupont St.
  • Canty St./Dupont St.
  • South Pascagoula Street @ the Harbor
  • Cedar Street @ the bridge
  • Martin Street @ the Yacht Club
  • Pascagoula River Road/Margie Moore
  • Beach Blvd @ the Point (Boat Launch area)
  • Ford St./Little St.
  • Parsley St./11th Street


  • River Park (West Side) water covering the entire park
  • 14th Street/Hwy 90
  • Market Street/Hwy 90
  • Mercier St./Martin Street
  • Hickory Street

Debris Pick Up: The Jackson County Landfill is CLOSED. Residents are asked not to place any debris at the side of the road for pick up. As of the time of this press release the hours of operation will resume Thursday, August 30th.

Evacuations: Mandatory evacuations remain in effect for anyone south of Highway 90 and all other low-lying and flood prone areas throughout the county. This includes residents along rivers, tributaries, flood-prone areas, as well as those living in mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and housing that could be considered unstable. Those residents that experienced flooding during Hurricane Katrina should evaluate what the effects of the possible 8-12 foot tidal surge would have to their property and make an informed decision with regard to evacuation.

NEW – Curfew: The Jackson County Board of Supervisors instituted a MANDATORY curfew for Jackson County, including all municipalities. Curfew will begin on Tuesday, August 28th at 10:00 p.m. until Wednesday, August 29th at 7 a.m. and on Wednesday, August 29th at 10:00 p.m. until Thursday, August 30th.

Shelters: Emergency Shelters – The County and American Red Cross are opening 3 Emergency Shelters at 4 p.m. Monday afternoon. Residents going to a shelter should bring medication, sleeping gear, a change of clothes, snacks and all necessary . The Red Cross website www.redcross.org provides information about shelter guidelines, hurricane preparation, and a downloadable hurricane app. The shelters include:

  • St. Martin High School
  • Vancleave High School
  • East Central High School
  • Special Needs Shelter will open at the East Central Community Center at 4 p.m. (4300 Hwy 614, Hurley)

Pet Sheltering – Animals are not allowed at the emergency shelters. However, residents who will be utilizing the emergency shelters and have pets have an option. Animal Shelter staff will be available at each site to take pets to a designated pet shelter site in Vancleave. Residents who want to do this should be prepared to sign their animals over to the staff. They do not need to bring food, but can if the pet is on a special diet. Residents will also need to pick them up once they leave the emergency shelter. This service is only for residents staying in the emergency shelters listed above. No drop offs will be accepted. In addition, the County’s Animal Shelter will not be accepting owner surrenders or strays at this time either.

NEW – Transportation to Shelters – Transportation provided by the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency has been discontinued due to dangerous driving conditions due to high winds. All transportation requests must be made through local law enforcement agencies.

All official County announcements and news releases will come from the County’s Emergency Management Office and/or Public Information Office. All pre-storm updates will also be posted on the County’s website for verification. If residents have question about any of the above information they can contact the Emergency Management Office at 228-769-3111.

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