MEMA assists the state of Maryland with Hurricane Sandy Operations

PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency sends several personnel to assist Maryland Emergency Management Agency with Hurricane Sandy Operations.

MEMA Logistics Chief Don Wilson and MEMA Deputy Logistics Chief Phillip Langston will leave Sunday for the Maryland State Emergency Operations Center in Reistertown, Maryland.  Wilson and Langston will support the state with logistics coordination as the state prepares for the possible impacts of Hurricane Sandy.

MEMA Assistant to the Director Jasper Welsch will also travel to the Maryland SEOC on Sunday to assist Maryland Emergency Management Director Ken Mallette with his agency’s preparations for Sandy.

“Yesterday I reached out to state emergency management directors along the Eastern Seaboard offering assistance from the state of Mississippi,” said MEMA Director Robert Latham. “I appreciate Director Mallette taking us up on our offer of support. This team has a lot of experience and I know they will be a valuable resource for the state of Maryland.”

The logistics support provided by Wilson and Langston could help Maryland with the coordination of important commodities like generators, fuel, food and other items.  This team has a considerable amount of logistics experience including Mississippi’s most recent disaster Hurricane Isaac.

Welsch will assist Maryland Emergency Management Director Ken Mallette with the coordination of response and recovery operations for this storm.  Welsch has considerable emergency management experience including his work during Hurricane Katrina.

“Following Hurricane Katrina many states, including Maryland, came to help the residents of our state,” said Latham.  “We feel that this is one of the best ways to repay another state for helping Mississippi when we needed it most.”

This assistance is being provided through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.  This compact allows for state-to-state support during disasters. All costs for this deployment and any additional assistance will be reimbursed by the requesting state under EMAC. The team’s deployment will last 15 days.

The latest forecast for Hurricane Sandy has it making landfall anywhere from Virginia to New York late Monday or Tuesday.

For preparedness information visit MEMA’s website at, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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