MEMA Keeping Close Eye On the Gulf

PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is closely monitoring the developing tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico and working with Mississippi’s coastal counties to assist with any needs they may have. MEMA Executive Director Robert Latham is asking residents and visitors along the coast to be prepared.

“There is so much uncertainty among the experts about the path of this potential storm that I want everyone to be prepared as we head into the weekend,” said Latham. “With the system already in the Gulf citizens in harm’s way may not have a lot of time should it rapidly intensify and head our way.”

Members of the State Emergency Response team are on standby to deploy to the coast if needed. MEMA has also notified the Emergency Coordinating Officers from state agencies about the threat of tropical weather in the Gulf.

Now is the time for residents to talk about their family emergency or evacuation plans, family communication plan and make sure emergency supply kits are stocked and ready to go.

An emergency supply kit should include items like:

Flashlight and battery-powered radio with extra batteries. Canned and non-perishable food. Bottled water. Toiletry items. Pet food and pet supplies. Medicine and prescription medication. Copies of important family papers and documents in watertight holder or stored electronically.

Residents and visitors should stay tuned to local media stations for the latest storm predictions.

MEMA is being briefed by the National Weather Service and in contact with counties in southern Mississippi to coordinate actions. MEMA will continue to release updated information about this developing system and preparations in the state.

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