PEARL – Gov. Phil Bryant and MEMA Director Robert Latham are closely monitoring the developing weather situation in the tropics, and want to remind everyone now is a good time to review your family emergency plan and disaster supply kit, as we move into the height of hurricane season.

“Even though this storm has not formed into a tropical cyclone or depression yet, the forecast shows that it could move toward Mississippi this weekend, and bring a lot of rain to the coast,” Latham said. “We want people to start planning ahead now to make sure that everyone is ready for what it could bring.”

South Mississippi has seen a significant amount of rain during the spring and the summer, so this system could bring the potential for flooding to the already saturated area.

Planning ahead includes an evacuation plan and disaster supply kit. A disaster supply kit should include items such as:

  • Flashlight and battery-powered radio with extra batteries.
  • Canned and non-perishable food.
  • Bottled water.
  • Toiletry items.
  • Pet food and pet supplies.
  • Medicine and prescription medication.
  • Copies of important family papers and documents.

For more information on important items to include in your disaster supply kit go to,

Residents should stay tuned to local media stations for the latest storm predictions. Even though no evacuations are issued, residents living in non-stable housing such as travel trailers or mobile homes should seek more sturdy shelter.  Also, if residents live in low-lying areas prone to flooding during heavy rainfall should take precautions.

MEMA will continue to release updated information about the potential for tropical weather preparations.

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