CLINTON, Miss. – Ninety percent of all natural disasters in the United States involve some degree of flooding. The risk of losing everything is greater from flooding than from fire.

Flood insurance helps protect Mississippians. But some people don’t buy flood insurance because of common misconceptions regarding the program.
Misconception: My homeowner’s insurance policy covers flood damage.
No, it doesn’t. Homeowners and business owners should buy flood insurance for their structures and contents. Renters can buy insurance for their belongings. A referral to an agent who sells flood insurance in your area can be reached at 888-379-9531 or go online to www.floodsmart.gov.

Misconception: I don’t need flood insurance because I don’t live in a high risk flood zone.
Approximately 25 percent of all flood claims come from people living in low-to-moderate flood risk zones. If it rains, it can flood.

Misconception: You can’t buy flood insurance if you live in a high-risk flood area.
Wrong. In Mississippi, the only place you can’t buy flood insurance is in communities that choose not to adopt the National Flood Insurance Program guidelines for floodplain management.

Misconception: You can’t buy flood insurance immediately before or during a flood.
There is a 30-day waiting period after you’ve paid the first premium, but you can buy flood insurance anytime.

If you live near a levee, endure hurricanes, have a sewer system that may clog, or experience sudden heavy rain falls; flood insurance is a useful investment.

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