PEARL – At the request Gov. Phil Bryant, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Mississippi State Department of Health and several other key state agencies are working closely together to ensure a coordinated response with the states’ public health emergency plans. These agencies will provide Gov. Bryant a complete briefing on Wednesday at the State Emergency Operations Center.

“I understand the concerns of Mississippians with the recent news of a man in Texas being diagnosed with the Ebola virus,” said Gov. Bryant.  “I have spoken to our State Health Officer Dr. Mary Currier, who has assured me that the Department of Health has been working to guarantee all the various components are in place and that we are prepared to respond to a possible Ebola case should it occur.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health monitors and tracks infectious diseases on a daily basis. In fact this year, new diseases such as enterovirus D68 and chikungunya have appeared in Mississippi.

MSDH staff work with healthcare partners throughout the state conducting surveillance on all emerging diseases of public health importance whether global, national or local. The agency practices emergency response through exercises, drills and extensive planning and is prepared for the emergence of new diseases.

MEMA and the other state agencies are prepared to provide the MSDH with the support it may need in dealing with any potential health emergency.

For up-to-date information please visit the MSDH website at www.healthyms.com or MEMA’s website at www.msema.org. You can also follow MEMA on social media on Facebook and twitter.