Mississippi Sends Department Of Health Assets To North Carolina For Hurricane Florence Support

PEARL – The State of Mississippi has deployed assets and personnel from the Mississippi Department of Health to North Carolina, to assist with potential emergency response efforts, due to the impacts of Hurricane Florence. The deployment was provided through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) requests by North Carolina.

The Department of Health is sending 12 personnel to serve as a nurse strike team, along with a three-person medical and public health team.

The strike team will assist in Medical Needs Sheltering and General Population Sheltering in the state of North Carolina. This team’s deployment scheduled for 16 days.

The medical and public health team includes one critical care registered nurse, one advanced life-support paramedic, and one basic life support paramedic.  That team will work out of its own medical bus, stocked with basic life support equipment and supplies. This team’s current deployment is scheduled for six days.

Mississippi has already sent 42 members of its Search and Rescue team to the Commonwealth of Virginia to assist with swift water rescues.

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact is an agreement signed by all 50 states and the U.S. Territories that allows for state-to-state support during disasters. The expenses for all the deployments will be reimbursed to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To learn more about the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, please visit www.emacweb.org.

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