PEARL – An Incident Management Team from Mississippi deployed to Maryland today to assist with the large scale response to Hurricane Sandy.

“Mississippi will assist the states impacted by this storm in any way we can,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “In our times of need, Mississippi has been bolstered by the aid and hospitality of people around the country, and we are honored to return the favor.”

The Incident Management Team consists of the following:

  • One MEMA Operations employee.
  • Two MEMA Planning employees.
  • One Department of Human Services employee.
  • One Department of Public Safety employee.
  • One Harrison County employee.

This multi-discipline teams will work with state and local officials to assist with response and recovery from the impacts of Sandy.

Individual and Public Assistance teams made up of MEMA and local emergency management will deploy to assist local, state and federal officials in Maryland with damage assessments related to Hurricane Sandy. The Public Assistance team will consist of seven members, and the Individual Assistance team will have five, for a total of 12.

Four MEMA staff deployed over the weekend to assist the state of Maryland and the National Response Coordination Center in Washington D.C.  Three Mississippi based swift-water rescue teams also deployed to work in Maryland yesterday.

This assistance is being provided through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.  This compact allows for state-to-state support during disasters. All costs for this deployment and any additional assistance will be reimbursed by the requesting state under EMAC.

MEMA is prepared to send more support if other states request it. The expenses for deployments through EMAC are paid for by the requesting state.

For preparedness information visit MEMA’s website at www.msema.org, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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