PEARL –The state of Mississippi is sending more aid to areas in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Three swift water rescue teams made up of task force members from all over the state are deploying to Maryland to assist with rescue efforts related to Sandy. The teams are equipped with one team leader, three swift water rescue personnel and a boat capable of transporting three survivors and the crew, among other equipment.

“Our team members have trained for many hours for situations just like this,” said Desoto County Emergency Management Director and Task Force Leader Bobby Storey.  “The equipment and manpower are rolling that way.  We are honored to represent the state of Mississippi and to assist the state of Maryland and their residents.”

These swift water rescue teams are an important response tool created after Hurricane Katrina.  Through various grant programs the teams were equipped and trained to respond in the state of Mississippi and elsewhere on short notice.

Following Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, almost every state in the nation provided support with personnel and resources to the state of Mississippi.

MEMA Office of Response Director Tom McAllister, Logistics Chief Don Wilson and Deputy Logistics Chief Phillip Langston and Assistant to the Director Jasper Welsch deployed over the weekend to assist with Hurricane Sandy and its impacts.

This assistance is being provided through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.  This compact allows for state-to-state support during disasters. All costs for this deployment and any additional assistance will be reimbursed by the requesting state under EMAC.

MEMA is prepared to send more support if other states request it. The expenses for deployments through EMAC are paid for by the requesting state.

For preparedness information visit MEMA’s website at www.msema.org, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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