Mississippians Rise to River’s Challenge

PEARL, Miss.—As fourteen counties face unprecedented flooding along the Mississippi River, families, community and faith-based groups are lining up to assist affected communities. The Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service (MCVS) launched a Flood Recovery Volunteer Registration program on May 12, and over 800 individuals have registered. Individuals and volunteer groups interested in serving affected areas after flood waters recede may register online at www.mcvs.org or call

(888) 353-1793 to register by phone. MCVS continues to work with local emergency managers in federally declared disaster counties to determine and address needs related to volunteers and donations management. In the weeks to come, pre-registered volunteers will receive notification of opportunities to serve Mississippi communities in need.

MCVS Deputy Director of Programs and Operations Brandi McNeil said, “Volunteer registration allows MCVS to maximize volunteers’ impact by matching a group or individual’s skills and availabilities to a community’s immediate needs. MCVS works with state and local emergency managers to ensure that volunteers can safely and effectively serve those with the greatest needs in times of disaster.”

To date, MCVS has documented over 7,600 tornado relief volunteers serving over 33,300 hours since April 29, with Volunteer Reception Centers (VRCs) still active in four tornado-affected counties. VRCs, in coordination with MCVS and local emergency managers, are now scheduling volunteer groups for structured disaster recovery activities. All volunteers should call ahead to local VRCs to schedule volunteer work.

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