MSWIN Emergency Communication System Performed Well During Isaac

Pearl – The Mississippi Wireless Communication Commission reports the Mississippi Wireless Information Network, also known as MSWIN, is fully operational following Isaac’s push through the state.

MSWIN is a statewide wireless communication network that operates at 700-megahertz bandwidth and provides emergency officials and first responders with statewide, interoperable radio communication coverage.

The WCC began preparations days before Hurricane Isaac and has been actively programming and loaning radios to multiple local and state entities as requests are received through the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.
“Our Crisis Management Team is having joint calls numerous times a day to coordinate efforts and is ready to respond as needed,” said Vicki Helfrich, WCC executive officer. “The MSWIN network is going strong, and we have not had any outages. Several MSWIN sites in the southwest part of the state lost commercial power throughout the past 24 hours; however, our generators provided the necessary power to maintain the sites with no issues.”

All MSWIN tower sites around the state are backed with generator power in the event that commercial power is interrupted. The WCC also has deployable assets, including mobile tower sites that are available if needed.

The Mississippi Legislature created the WCC in 2005, just before Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane proved to state and national leaders the need for survivable, secure interoperable communications, leading to the development of MSWIN. The system was launched in Mississippi in June 2007.

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