PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is encouraging everyone in the state to be prepared for the possibility of extremely dangerous severe weather beginning Sundayafternoon through Tuesday night. The National Weather Service says high winds, heavy rainfall up to five inches and flash flooding are possible as well as strong tornadoes and very large hail.

MEMA Executive Director Robert Latham participated in a briefing with the Storm Prediction Center and Federal Emergency Management Agency Headquarters this morning, signifying this is an event of national concern, as this will be a multi-regional and multi-day severe weather outbreak.

MEMA is coordinating with state agencies, local emergency management officials and FEMA in preparation for the event.  Governor Bryant and his staff have been briefed on all preparedness activities. The State Emergency Operations Center will partially activate at 1 p.m. Sunday to monitor the situation closely and deploy assets and resources as necessary.

“As a government we are as prepared as we can be and will respond as necessary to support local governments and our citizens,” said Latham. “Now we are asking the public to get prepared.  Forecasters are giving us several days warning for a severe weather outbreak that could be a very significant event for the entire state. We don’t want our citizens to panic, but to get prepared now.”

The following are some of the most effective ways to receive weather alerts:

  • NOAA Weather Radio: Warnings issued by NWS.
  • Television Stations: Local or national news stations monitor and broadcast weather alerts.
  • AM/FM Radio: Radio stations are required to broadcast Emergency Alert System messages.
  • Smartphone Applications: Numerous to choose from, and user can specify their areas for alerts.
  • Text Message Alerts: Some television stations use text message alerts for specific areas.
  • Alert FM Receiver: Similar to a NOAA Weather Radio, but relays the message from FM Stations.
  • Social Media: MEMA partners with the NWS to post severe weather alerts on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #mswx. The NWS constantly updates Facebook and Twitter with weather graphics, alerts and information about imminent severe weather.
  • MEMA Mobile App: Free app available for iOS and Android users. Allows the user to find emergency information from MEMA, preparedness tools, weather radar and several other options like statewide highway information. For more information about the MEMA App, visit

For more information about how to prepare for severe weather, go to MEMA’s website at or download the MEMA mobile app on your iOS or Android device. The best way to get up-to-date information is to “Like” MEMA on Facebook, or “Follow” us on twitter.