PEARL – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has received updated reports of two deaths, several injuries and storm damage in 11 counties as a result of the ongoing severe weather moving through the state.

The counties reporting damages are as follows:

  • Bolivar: Damage to homes. Trees down and power outages.
  • Coahoma: One death and damage to several homes.
  • Desoto: Damage to homes. Trees down and power outages.
  • Jasper: One death and injury reported. Trees down.
  • Lafayette: Trees and power lines down.
  • Marshall: Reports of an injuries, damage to homes, power outages and trees down.
  • Panola: Reports of injuries and damage to homes. Trees down and power outages.
  • Perry: Damage to a home.
  • Tate: Damage to homes and businesses.
  • Tunica: Reports of injuries and damage to homes and a church. Power lines down.
  • Union: Damage to a home and power outages.

A line of storms will continue moving through the state overnight. Remember to tune to local media for weather updates in your area. Keep a NOAA weather radio on for the latest alerts.

Damage report updates will be released as they become available.

MEMA urges the public to report damages to your local Emergency Management Agency. For a list of contact numbers for your county, visit www.msema.org/local-ema<https://www.msema.org/local-ema>.

The public is encouraged to follow MEMA on Twitter and Facebook for updates.