Course Credit

Training through FEMA

Individuals in emergency management and response organizations can take courses that are not offered at the state level or through Independent Study courses offered by FEMA’s National Emergency Management Training Center/Emergency Management Institute. These courses are resident courses at the NETC in Emmitsburg, Md. For Course information, click here. There is no charge for tuition, but students are responsible for their travel costs.

To attend a course at NETC, a prospective student must fill out a FEMA Training Application. To download the application, click here. Prospective students should explain how the course information will benefit their job responsibilities, and have a sponsoring or supervisory representative sign the application for the student’s agency or organization. Students should then send the application to MEMA’s Training Bureau for processing. Students will be notified by letter from EMI if they are accepted to the course. At that time, instructions on travel and information about the campus will be given to students. For tips on how to fill out the application, click here.

Courses at EMI are set by semesters. The first semester runs from October through March of the new federal fiscal year. The second semester runs from April through September of the same fiscal year. Enrollment periods for both semesters are:

  • First Semester: May 1 through June 30 of the previous fiscal year.
  • Second Semester: Nov. 1 through Dec. 31 of the current fiscal year.

NETC will accept applications after the enrollment period has ended only if a vacancy exists.

FEMA Independent Study Program

Students can also take courses on-line through FEMA’s Independent Study Program. These courses are designed for both the general public and for persons who have emergency management and response duties at the local government level. Course materials may be obtained on the Independent Study Web site. There is no charge for enrollment. Average course completion time can range from two hours for an introductory course to 12 hours for a more in-depth course. Each course includes a final examination, and those who score 75 percent or better are issued a certificate of completion by the Independent Study Office.

Professional Development Series Certificate of Completion

Those who complete all Professional Development Series Independent Study Courses will receive a PDS Certificate of Completion. The requirements for this certificate are completion of the following:

  • Principles of Emergency Management: IS-230.
  • Emergency Planning: IS-235.
  • Leadership and Influence: IS-240.
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving: IS-241.
  • Effective Communications: IS-242.
  • Developing and Managing Volunteers: IS-244.
  • Exercise Design: IS-139.

Certificates will be sent directly to the student upon completion of these courses.