Exercise Procedures

State Exercise Requirements

What has not changed: Each county that receives EMPG funding is required to conduct annually at least one tabletop, functional or full-scale exercise, that tests the deficiencies of the previous exercise or exercises. Objectives should be submitted to MEMA’s exercise bureau no fewer than 30-days prior to the exercise. Each county must conduct at least one full-scale exercise every four years. As in the past, counties will submit requests for exercise credit on MEMA’s Emergency Management Exercise Reporting System form. This form will continue to be the tool by which improvement plans and corrective actions can be tracked.

What has changed: In addition to the traditional requirements, counties are now required to also participate in two additional exercise activities annually. These may include orientation seminars and drills, for which MEMA’s exercise bureau requests a seven-day notification. Drills do not necessarily have to test previous deficiencies. When practical, and in accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, a county’s annual exercise activities should be progressive and build up from simple to more complex exercises. MEMA’s EMERS form was updated on Oct. 1, 2011 to accommodate requests for exercise credit for orientation seminars and drills. The exercise bureau also requests a seven-day notification from county EMA offices that intend to participate as observers or evaluators in another county’s exercise. These secondary exercises do not need to be reported on an EMERS form. A copy of a sign-in sheet and exercise agenda will suffice.

  • The exercise reporting period for FY 2015 is June 17, 2015-June 16, 2016.
  • All individuals receiving EMPG funding must participate in at least three exercises comprised of one primary and two secondary exercises during the EMPG grant period (June 17,2015 – June 16,2016).

MEMA’s exercise bureau will maintain track of all exercise statistics and will submit the information quarterly to the HSEEP contact at DHS. Any questions concerning exercise procedures should be directed to MEMA’s exercise bureau at 601-933-6887 or bmaske@mema.ms.gov.