State of Emergency Declared for Winter Weather Event

PEARL, Miss. (MEMA) – In consultation with Governor Reeves, Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann signed the Proclamation for a State of Emergency, Sunday February 14, 2021, for Mississippi in anticipation of a winter storm predicted to impact a large portion of the state. The National Weather Service is forecasting significant amounts of ice accumulation, snow and sleet. Travel conditions will be dangerous with some roads impassable. Numerous trees and limbs are expected to fall because of wintry precipitation. Portions of Central and North Mississippi could experience record breaking cold temperatures of below 10 degrees with wind chills below zero degrees. A state of emergency is an administrative tool that authorizes the use of state resources to aid in storm response efforts.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is asking everyone in the anticipated impacted areas to use extreme caution. MEMA recommends the following safety tips during winter storms:

  • Stay home and do not drive on snowy or icy roads.
  • Have a fully stocked emergency supply kit.
  • Stay clear of downed power lines. Even if the electricity appears to have been turned off, leave the lines alone. Do not try to move them yourself.
  • Only operate generators outdoors. Do not operate a generator inside your home or garage.
  • Turn off all home appliances to prevent a surge once the power is turned on again.
  • Be cautious when using alternative heat sources.
  • Do not use a stove for heat because it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Letting water drip from a faucet during extremely cold weather can relieve water pressure and help prevent pipes of your home from bursting.
  • If you suspect your pipes are frozen and may have burst, turn off your water at the main shut-off valve and call a plumber.

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