Our mission, at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, is to safeguard Mississippi and her citizens by fostering a culture of preparedness, executing timely response during disaster, and quickly restoring quality of life post event. Emergency Management is a comprehensive approach for administering and governing efforts in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Recognizing that emergency management begins and ends at the local level, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is a vital asset for the state of Mississippi. Regardless of the threat, MEMA will plan and prepare for emergency scenarios, respond to and support local EMAs during emergency events, and coordinate and resource recovery efforts in the wake of a disaster.





Video Updates

Complete a Written Plan - Hurricane Preparedness Week

As we wrap up hurricane preparedness week, we want you to write down your plan. Prepare now before the season begins, while you have time and are not under pressure. If you wait until a hurricane is i…

Build a Disaster Supply Kit - Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hi everyone. We’ve said numerous times to build a disaster supply kit. But not every kit looks the same, especially for those with disabilities or an access or function need. But no matter what, ever…

Know Your Evacuation Plan - Hurricane Preparedness Week

Are you ready for a hurricane? If not, the time to prepare is now! If a voluntary or mandatory evacuation order goes into effect during a tropical event, everyone should have a plan in place – know…

Determine Your Risk - Hurricane Preparedness Week

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency teams up with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi to help you understand what types of risks you face when a hurricane threatens. Wind and …

Hurricane Preparedness Week: May 1-7, 2022

May 1st through 7th is National Hurricane Preparedness Week and we want ALL Mississippians to be prepared. We’ve had our fair share of hurricanes through the years. Mississippi felt the impacts of H…

Perry County Tornado Damage April 17, 2022

This video shows damage from the tornado that occurred on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 in Perry County, Mississippi. The following information is from the National Weather Service Damage Survey: …

April 13, 2022 Storm Damage across Mississippi

This is damage that occurred in Mississippi on April 13, 2022 in the following counties: Clarke Alcorn Lauderdale Winston Tippah

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MEMA4KIDS is all about preparedness.

We want to give students in grades K-8 the information, tools, strategies, and the peace of mind needed to be fully disaster prepared. After watching the videos and playing the online activities, students will be able to take the lead in showing their friends, family and community how to stay safe in an emergency.

We’re helping kids become true-blue Preparedness Pals!


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