MEMA offers an extensive array of training opportunities for state and local emergency managers, public officials, members of volunteer relief organizations and professionals in related fields. The MEMA training program is a comprehensive and effective vehicle to train state and local officials in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Jurisdictions across Mississippi prepare in advance through training activities and by using the skills learned to build local teams and coalitions that respond to emergencies.

Requirements listed in the Emergency Management Performance Grant packages given each year to participating counties pertain only to personnel who receive EMPG funding. These requirements change on a yearly basis. Training requirements are for all local civil defense directors or emergency management directors, whether a participating county or a non-participating county, as stated in the Mississippi Emergency Management Act of 1995 (Title 33, Chapter 15 Mississippi Code of 1972). These requirements include:

  • National Incident Management System Incident Command System training (as mandated by Executive Order 932, signed March 2005).
  • Principles of Emergency Management.
  • Emergency Planning: An All-hazards Approach.
  • Disaster 101.
  • Developing and Managing Volunteers.
  • Exercise Design and Evaluation.
  • Annual Emergency Management Workshop for the Director or Deputy Director.

Other courses are offered that will facilitate the training of emergency management personnel. These courses and workshops are designed to be the basis of a training program for all emergency management personnel. Additional courses build upon these courses. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency’s Training Bureau will not accept substitution of a certificate for independent study courses for the same subject matter area in lieu of classroom attendance for local EMA Directors.

The training requirements listed are state- level policy. In the event that FEMA imposes additional requirements, the federal requirements will overrule the state policy.

Exceptions to the above policy will be the grandfathering of courses completed under the Phase I, II, III and IV Federal Training Curriculum. Graduates of Phase I do not have to take the Principles of Emergency Management. Graduates of Phase I, II, II, and IV do not have to take the “Emergency Planning: An all- hazards Approach” Course.

Please click the links below for Training Schedules:

2019 MEMA Quarterly Course Catalog and Training Schedule 

How to apply for training:

Announcements will also be mailed to all emergency management offices. If interested in attending a course, fill out a copy of the Training Application for the course or courses you wish to attend. Briefly describe your responsibilities as they relate to the course. Have the local EMA/CD director sign the application and mail the application to:

Training Bureau, Office of Preparedness
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
P.O. 5644
Pearl, MS 39208-5644

The MEMA Training Bureau must receive the application by the deadline specified on the course announcement. Any applications received after the deadline will be considered only if there are openings for that course. No last-minute requests to attend a course will be approved without an application. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Training Section at (601)933-6370.