These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your use of the Mississippi Emergency Management
Agency Application (MEMA App) provided by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
By downloading, accessing, or using any part of the MEMA App you have accessed, you will be
bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, MEMA is not willing to
grant you any right to use or access the MEMA App. In such event, you are not granted
permission to access or otherwise use the MEMA App and are instructed to exit the MEMA App
immediately. By using the MEMA App, you (“User”) acknowledge that you have read,
understood, and agree to the MEMA App’s Terms and Privacy Disclaimer (Privacy Disclaimer, or
privacy unless otherwise specified). You will not
be authorized to access the MEMA App services if you do not accept these Terms and Privacy. MEMA reserves the right to modify these
Terms and Privacy at any time and such modifications will be made known.
The purpose of the MEMA App is to relay preparedness information and supply checklists for
users to utilize before, during, and after natural or man-made disasters. The App provides
additional information such as traffic, shelter, and safe room information, power outage
information, and assistance information. The MEMA app also allows users to contact MEMA
through the Ask MEMA feature to ask questions. The Agency does not generate, weather-related emergency communication from non-Agency affiliated, authoritative, sources. The
Agency is not a weather service. Therefore, the Agency, through the MEMA App, disperses
information generated from authoritative Third-Party Services (TPS) to provide alert services
within the MEMA App to the public for awareness purposes.
By downloading and accessing the MEMA App to the User’s device, the User consents to the
transmission of electronic communications, to also include sending messaging through the “Ask
MEMA” feature located within the MEMA App, for the purposes laid out in the MEMA App
purpose above.
The MEMA App requires linkage to TPS to provide data disseminated in the MEMA App. The
MEMA App contains and provides links to these authoritative sources as a means of centralizing
and relaying weather alert data, providing preparedness and assistance information, power
the outage, and/or traffic information generated by those authoritative sources.
The Agency is providing these links to you through the MEMA App as a convenience. Including
these links do not imply endorsement of or by the Agency of these TPS on the MEMA app or
any association with the MEMA App’s maintainers.
The MEMA App uses third-party services to provide weather data. The alerts received through
the MEMA App are directly from those credible sources and are not generated by the Agency.
location information is used solely to provide localized weather alerts. You can delete your
monitored location information at any time. The app is not configured to track
your current location continuously without user consent.
MEMA takes your privacy seriously
The Agency does not preserve or disclose personally identifiable information (PII), Any
information stored on the MEMA App is stored on the User’s device and is not stored by MEMA
or the builders/creators of the MEMA App. While safeguarding the User’s self-centered
information is a priority, the Agency is not liable for any PII Users entering the MEMA App.
The MEMA App is in no way responsible for the protection of any the User chooses to share
with social networks.
The MEMA App does not collect or maintain information other than entered by the User for the
uses detailed above. The MEMA App is designed for users over the age of thirteen (13). If you
are under 13, please do not use or submit any data through the MEMA App without the
consent of a legal guardian. It is encouraged that parents and legal guardians help enforce our
Privacy Disclaimer.
The Agency is not liable for the failure of weather alerts, notifications, or any other weather-related emergency messaging during a severe weather event. The Agency is not liable for injury,
death, or damages, both physical and/or material (a person’s life, home, business, or property)
due to weather-related, natural, or man-made events.
The MEMA App is not a 911 service or a tool of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The “Ask
MEMA” feature is not a 911 service; emails sent to MEMA via the Ask MEMA app are not
monitored 24 hours a day. The MEMA App is not a location-sharing service for emergencies.
Users of the MEMA App that have an emergency should call 911, not MEMA. MEMA is not
responsible for sending EAS messaging through the MEMA App.