State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

2024 CEMP Base Plan & Appendices

Emergency Support Functions:

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ESF #1 Transportation

ESF #2 Communications

ESF #3 Public Works and Engineering

ESF #4 Firefighting

ESF #5 Emergency Management (Information and Planning)

ESF #6 Mass Care-Human Services

ESF #7 Logistics

ESF #8 Public Health and Medical Services Annex

ESF #9 Search and Rescue

ESF #10 Oil and Hazardous Material Response

ESF #11 Animal, Agriculture and Natural Resources

ESF #12 Energy

ESF #13 Public Safety and Security Annex

ESF #14 Cross-Sector Business & Infrastructure

ESF #15 External Affairs Annex

ESF #16 Military Support to Civil Authorities Annex

Incident Annexes:

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Cyber Incident Annex

Dam-Levee Breach Incident Annex

Earthquake Incident Annex

Food and Agriculture Incident Annex

Hazardous Material Incident Annex

Hurricane Incident Annex

Infectious Disease Incident Annex

Nuclear-Radiological Incident Annex

Support Annexes:

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Aviation Support Annex

Climate Resiliency Support Annex

Evacuation Support Annex

Financial Management Support Annex

Logistics Support Annex

Mutual Aid Support Annex

Shelter Support Annex

Volunteer and Donations Management Support Annex

If you have any questions about planning, or need assistance, please contact the Office of Preparedness at 601-933-6887.