Reference Library for PA COVID-19

Public Assistance Helpful Links

Applicant Guidance Meeting Slideshow 

Applicant Grants Portal User Manual

Applicant Impact Survey

Applicant Information – Damage Information and Inspections

Applicant Information – Direct Application

Applicant Quick Guide – COVID-19 Process Overview

Applicant Quick Guide – Damage Inventory

Applicant Quick Guide – Exploratory Call and Recovery Scoping Meeting

Applicant Quick Guide – PA Requirements for PNPs

Applicant Quick Guide – Process Steps Overview

Applicant Quick Guide – Request for Public Assistance

Applicant Quick Guide – Review of the Damage Description and Dimensions

Category B Streamlined Project Application Reference Guide

Collection of PA Project Worksheet Forms

Completing and Submitting Streamlined Project Applications

COVID-19 RPA Deadline Memo

COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application (9/20)

COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application (11/20)

COVID-19 Temporary Facility Survey Form

FEMA Job Aid Amendments

FP 009-0-49 – Request for Public Assistance

FP 104-010-04 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Medical Care Costs Eligible for Public Assistance FEMA

Management Costs Streamlined Project Application

Program Delivery Process Steps for Applicants Workflow Chart

Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide

Quick Guide – Completing and Submitting Streamlined Applications