Housing and Individual Assistance

The Office of Individual Assistance is comprised of our Housing Bureau and the Disability Integration Advisor. They also work directly with the different volunteer organizations that we deal with before, during and after a disaster.

The Individual Assistance Program coordinates assistance provided to individuals, households, and businesses recovering from disaster or emergency impacts. After a severe weather event, the Office of Housing and Individual Assistance receives an influx of calls from residents of the impacted areas. If warranted, the IA Bureau will activate the Disaster Call Center to connect callers with the resources needed to return to pre-disaster status.

Before a federal declaration, voluntary agencies, such as the local American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, are often ready to step in and help take care of immediate needs. These organizations may be able to assist with sheltering or hotel vouchers, food, or clothing. Please contact local voluntary organizations in your area or the Information and Referral line by dialing 2-1-1.

The IA Bureau may be requested by the county emergency management director to validate Damage Assessments to determine if a Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment is warranted. The outcome of this assessment may result in a request for a federal declaration.

State and Federal Programs may be requested if the Governor determines that recovery appears to be beyond the combined resources of both the local and state government.

For more information, contact the Individual Assistance Bureau Director, Denise Gray-Hunt: dhunt1@mema.ms.gov