Public Records Request

Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983

The Public Records Act of 1983”, Miss. Code Ann. § 25-61-1, et seq., states that it is the policy of the Legislature that public records must be available for inspection by any person unless otherwise provided by this act. As such, Miss. Code Ann. § 33-15-11(12) exempts information and data for assessment of vulnerabilities and capabilities within the borders of Mississippi as it pertains to the nation and state’s security and homeland defense.

All requests for public information from this agency must be made in writing using the MEMA Public Records Request Form.

If you have any questions about Public Records Requests, contact MEMA’s Legal Division at 866-519-MEMA (6362) or email:


Public Records Requests during the activation of the State Emergency Operations Center:

Timeframes for Responses to Public Records Requests The agency will make all efforts to respond to each request within seven (7) working days as provided by §25-61-5, Mississippi Code of 1972. However, MEMA may not be able to produce all requests for public records within seven (7) working days and will produce within fourteen (14) working days after providing the requester with a written explanation of why production cannot be made within seven (7) days. Further, if the State Emergency Operations Center is activated due to an emergency, whereby all agency personnel will be involved in response and recovery operations, all requests will be handled after the agency has returned to normal operation status.


Mississippi Cottage Plans

The Mississippi Alternative Housing Program ended in 2011 with the auction of all remaining units. Several different manufacturers built the cottages, and their plans are below. The Park Model Cottage is the one bedroom cottage.

Cavalier 2 Bedroom Mississippi Cottage
Cavalier 3 Bedroom Mississippi Cottage
Deer Valley 2 Bedroom Mississippi Cottage
Hart Housing Park Model Mississippi Cottage – Version 1
Hart Housing Park Model Mississippi Cottage – Version 2
Lexington 2 Bedroom Mississippi Cottage
Oak Creek Park Model Mississippi Cottage – Fort Worth
Oak Creek Park Model Mississippi Cottage – Lancaster
Patriot Park Model Mississippi Cottage – Alabama
Patriot Park Model Mississippi Cottage – Indiana