State CEMP

Basic Plan

Emergency Support Functions:

ESF 1: Transportation

ESF 2: Communications

ESF 3: Public Works Engineering

ESF 4: Firefighting

ESF 5: Emergency Management

ESF 6: Mass Care, Housing and Human Services

ESF 7: Logistics Management and Resource Support

ESF 8: Public Health and Medical Services

ESF 9: Search and Rescue

ESF 10: Oil and Hazardous Materials

ESF 11: Animals, Agriculture & Natural Resources

ESF 12: Energy

ESF 13: Public Safety and Security

ESF 14: Long Term Recovery

ESF 15: External Affairs

ESF 16: Military Support

Support Annexes:

Donations Support Annex

Financial Management Support Annex

Local Mutual Aid Annex

Logistics Management Support Annex

Logistics Management Support Annex – Appendix A: Fuel Management

Logistics Management Support Annex – Appendix B: Transportation

Private Sector Coordination Annex

Volunteer Support Annex

Worker Safety and Health Support Annex

Incident Annexes:

Biological Incident Annex

Catastrophic Incident Annex

Cyber Incident Annex

Earthquake Incident Annex

Ebola Virus Disease Incident Annex

Food and Agriculture Annex

Mississippi Hurricane Incident Annex

Nuclear-Radiological Incident Annex

Terrorism incident Annex

Bioterrorism Response Plan/Biological Incident Annex – contact MSDH
Levee Breach: Under Construction

If you have any questions about planning, or need assistance, please contact the Office of Preparedness at 601-933-6887.