State CEMP

Basic Plan

Emergency Support Functions:

ESF 1: Transportation

ESF 2: Communications

ESF 3: Public Works Engineering

ESF 4: Firefighting

ESF 5: Emergency Management

ESF6: Mass Care, Housing and Human Services

ESF 7: Logistics Management and Resource Support

ESF 8: Public Health and Medical Services

ESF 9: Search and Rescue

ESF 10: Oil and Hazardous Materials

ESF 11: Animals, Agriculture & Natural Resources

ESF 12: Energy

ESF 13: Public Safety and Security

ESF 14: Long Term Recovery

ESF 15: External Affairs

ESF 16: Military Support

Support Annexes:

Appendix A: Fuel Management

Appendix B: Transportation

Donations Support Annex

Financial Management Support Annex

Local Mutual Aid Annex

Logistics Management Support Annex

Private Sector Coordination Annex

Volunteer Support Annex

Worker Safety and Health Support Annex

Incident Annexes:

Biological Incident Annex

Catastrophic Incident Annex

Cyber Incident Annex

Earthquake Incident Annex

Food and Agriculture Annex

Mississippi Hurricane Incident Annex

Nuclear-Radiological Incident Annex

Terrorism incident Annex

Food & Agriculture: Pending Completion by MDAC/MBAH
Bioterrorism Response Plan/Biological Incident Annex – contact MSDH
Mississippi Pandemic Influenza Incident Annex – contact MSDH
Levee Breach: Under Construction

If you have any questions about planning, or need assistance, please contact the Office of Preparedness at 601-933-6887.