Hurricane Zeta Update #6

PEARL, Miss. (MEMA) – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and FEMA are finalizing damage assessment data for an Individual Assistance request. FEMA and MEMA are currently working together to conduct joint damage assessments for Public Assistance (assistance for local governments). MEMA will draft its request letter for assistance (both Individual and Public) once the Public Assistance Joint Public Damage Assessments are complete.

“Instead of requesting two separate declarations for Individual and Public Assistance, combining them into one request letter could speed up the process of getting a decision,” says MEMA Deputy Director Stephen McCraney.

For the state to receive public assistance, a damage threshold of $4.5 million must be reached. Preliminary reports show Hurricane Zeta has caused roughly $50 million in damage to public infrastructure. However, FEMA must validate those numbers before MEMA can draft a request for assistance. That process is ongoing.

“We understand residents need assistance to help rebuild. This process takes time. We want to make sure we do not miss any information that could help us get an individual assistance declaration,” adds Deputy Director McCraney.