Disaster Reservists

MEMA’s Disaster Reservist program was created to provide a corps of trained and experienced Mississippians who can be activated on an as-needed basis to meet staffing needs during emergencies. The program keeps a database of individuals with skills and experience that may be used during disasters.

Disaster Reservists may include individuals with logistics, public information, public works and engineering backgrounds, but individuals with other experiences may also be used. Individuals may also be retired from government or private industry careers and be available to enter into a contract once a disaster or emergency occurs. Reservists will be required to attend training at least two times each year on state and federal emergency plans. Once a reservist is put onto active-duty status, he or she will become a contract employee of MEMA for the duration of their deployment or mission assignment. Reservist pay is based on training, skills and experience.

Individuals who are interested in applying for the program should contact Stacy Purvis at 601-933-6678.