State Offered Services

WIN Job Centers Open

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) will open ALL WIN Job locations from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to assist residents with filing claims and other appropriate information. The link for this page is A dedicated phone line is also being created to assist those who do not have access to a computer or other smart device.


Mental Health Services

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health can provide more information. For more information about services or if you or a loved one needs help, call the DMH Helpline at 1-877-210-8513. Staff are available to provide help around the clock.


Childcare for Displaced Students:

There are several childcare centers in the impacted counties that are accepting students displaced due to the storms from March 24, 2023. Not all centers accepting children have availability for all ages. Please call and check with the center that is nearest you. For those families, the nearest center may be the following:

Monroe Aberdeen ABERDEEN CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER 813 HIGHWAY 145 N ABERDEEN, MS 39730 662-369-1173 [email protected] 2-5yo
Monroe Aberdeen CALVERT’S ABC PRE-SCHOOL & NURSERY, INC. 530 HIGHWAY 145 N ABERDEEN, MS 39730 662-369-4110 [email protected] Infant- 12 yo
Monroe Aberdeen L AND J NURSERY INC 403 HILLCREST DR ABERDEEN, MS 39730 662-369-0298 [email protected] Infant- 4yo
Monroe Aberdeen MS P’S, INC. 920 W CANAL ST ABERDEEN, MS 39730 662-369-7414 [email protected] Infant- 5yo
Washington Greenville EVERLASTING LOVE 334 FAIRVIEW AVE GREENVILLE, MS 38701 662-335-3054 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Washington Greenville FULWILER HEADSTART/EARLY HEAD START 699 DUBLIN ST GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-334-4250 [email protected] Infant- 5yo
Washington Greenville GARRETT HALL HEAD START 415 N THEOBALD ST GREENVILLE, MS 38701 662-335-7038 [email protected] 3-5yo
Washington Greenville HYMAN STREET LEARNING CENTER 229 N HYMAN ST GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-580-6350 [email protected] 1-9yo
Washington Greenville JACK & JILL DAYCARE AND LEARNING CENTER 1091 HIGHWAY 1 S GREENVILLE, MS 38701 662-820-1126 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Washington Greenville MCLEMORE-WARD HEAD START/ EARLY HEAD START 546 GAMARI RD GREENVILLE, MS 38701 662-332-1054 [email protected] Infant- 4yo
Washington Greenville ONCE UPON A LIFETIME DAYCARE AND LEARNING CENTER 2196 HWY 82 EAST GREENVILLE, MS 38701 662-334-3710 [email protected] Infant- 4yo
Washington Greenville ONCE UPON A LIFETIME DAYCARE II 1379 E REED RD GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-332-1280 [email protected] 1yo- 12yo
Washington Greenville PEYTON THOMAS HEAD START/EARLY HEAD START 726 S BROADWAY ST GREENVILLE, MS 38701 662-332-1521 [email protected] Infant-3yo
Washington Greenville PICKETT STREET LEARNING CENTER 821 PICKETT ST GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-378-3253 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Washington Greenville PLAY-N-LEARN 106 – 114 N BEAUCHAMP GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-335-4277 [email protected] Infant- 5yo
Washington Greenville PLAY-N-LEARN II 1705 EAST REED ROAD GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-335-4277 [email protected] 5-12yo
Washington Greenville TENDER AGES LEARNING CENTER 646 LESTER ST GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-537-4923 [email protected] 4-12yo
Washington Greenville TLC ACADEMY & LEARNING CENTER, LLC 1600 E REED RD GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-332-0070 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Washington Greenville TRUE VINE CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER 1531 E ALEXANDER ST GREENVILLE, MS 38703 662-332-7843 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Monroe Amory FRENCH’S LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT CENTER 2 1212 A AVE AMORY, MS 38821 662-315-1117 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Monroe Amory LITTLE ANGELS CHILD CARE 60020 DOBBS DR AMORY, MS 38821 662-257-1672 [email protected] Infant- 9yo
Itawamba Fulton FULTON HEADSTART 608 E ELLIOTT ST FULTON, MS 38843 662-862-3928 [email protected] 2- 4yo
Itawamba Fulton THE GROWING PATCH LEARNING CENTER 106B PIERCETOWN RD FULTON, MS 38843 662-862-2020 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Sharkey Rolling Fork PERFECT BEGINNINGS CHILDCARE AND LEARNING CENTER 308 W CHINA ST ROLLING FORK, MS 39159 662-907-3653 [email protected] Infant- 5yo
Lee Tupelo CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH CASA 538 MAGAZINE ST TUPELO, MS 38804 662-842-3887 [email protected] 5yo
Lee Tupelo COLOR MY WORLD CHILD CARE ACADEMY INC 2045 MCCULLOUGH BLVD TUPELO, MS 38801 662-844-0830 [email protected] Infant- 5yo
Lee Tupelo CREATIVE MINDS CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTER 2121 W MAIN ST TUPELO, MS 38801 662-584-2115 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Lee Tupelo FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH CASA 400 W JEFFERSON ST TUPELO, MS 38804 662-842-3887 [email protected] 5- 9yo
Lee Tupelo FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH CASA 412 W MAIN ST TUPELO, MS 38804 662-842-3887 [email protected] 5- 9yo
Warren Vicksburg BLESSINGS LEARNING CENTER 4216 HALLS FERRY RD VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-831-6863 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Warren Vicksburg CHILDREN EDUCATION STATION DAYCARE LEARNING CENTER 2362 & 2364 GROVE ST VICKSBURG, MS 39183 601-529-3317 [email protected] Infant- 9yo
Warren Vicksburg CROSS POINT DAYCARE 510 PORTERS CHAPEL RD VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-636-3940 [email protected] Infant- 9yo
Warren Vicksburg CUTLERS GROW & LEARN DAYCARE 5305 INDIANA AVE VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-634-1070 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Warren Vicksburg KIDDIE KOLLEGE 1222 GROVE ST VICKSBURG, MS 39183 601-661-0358 [email protected] Infant- 9yo
Warren Vicksburg LIL’ WONDERS DAY CARE 712 DABNEY ST VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-636-5251 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Warren Vicksburg LOVING HEARTS LEARNING CENTER 3210 WISCONSIN AVE VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-636-8187 [email protected] Infant- 3yo
Warren Vicksburg MADY BEE’S HOUSE OF LEARNING 1837 CHERRY ST VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-738-5171 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Warren Vicksburg PRECIOUS MOMENTS LEARNING CENTER 1411 CHERRY ST VICKSBURG, MS 39180 601-634-9339 [email protected] Infant- 9yo
Yazoo Yazoo City ATRA’S PLAYHOUSE 420 W THIRTEENTH ST YAZOO CITY, MS 39194 662-763-4770 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Yazoo Yazoo City JOHNNIE DAY CARE ACADEMY,LLC 736 GRAND AVE YAZOO CITY, MS 39194 662-528-3947 [email protected] Infant- 12yo
Yazoo Yazoo City WEEPING WONDER DAYCARE 219 S WILLOW DR YAZOO CITY, MS 39194 601-941-5086 [email protected] Infant- 5yo