MEMA’s COVID-19 Relief Program Sees Surge in Applicants

PEARL, Miss. (MEMA) – The October 15th deadline is quickly approaching for counties and municipalities to apply for MEMA’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program. Currently MEMA has distributed $13,459,667.28. Of that total, counties have received: $11,999,136.77; municipalities have received: $1,460,530.51. Currently, 221 municipalities/counties have applied for the program and 66 projects have been approved for reimbursement.

 In August, Governor Tate Reeves and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency launched the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program. Through the Mississippi Legislature, MEMA was allocated $70 million of CARES Act Money to reimburse county and municipal governments for COVID-19 expenses.

To be reimbursed through the COVID-19 Relief Program, the county/municipality must have their application and specific project (what type of expense they’re being reimbursed for) approved by MEMA. For local governments to receive those approved funds, each must sign an agreement with the state to certify their projects meet CARES Act criteria. Once received, MEMA will release those funds.

To view the counties and municipalities that have applied and have approved projects, click here.

MEMA is urging local and county governments to apply for the CARES Act funds before the deadline, October 15. According to Senate Bill 3047, monies must be obligated by November 30 or will be returned to Governor Reeves.