Updated Hurricane Zeta Preliminary Damage Reports

PEARL, Miss. (MEMA) – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency continues to work with our local county EMA directors to assess damage. MEMA is now reporting a total of two deaths in Harrison County from Hurricane Zeta which made landfall, Wednesay, October 28, 2020.

The following are deaths and injuries were reported to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency:

  • Harrison: 2 Deceased, 49 Injured
  • Jackson: 9 Injured
  • Perry: 1 Injured
  • Hancock: 17 Injured
  • George: 1 Injured

While multiple counties have received damage, the following official damage reports were submitted to MEMA.  These are preliminary numbers and could change throughout the assessment process:


  • Total Homes Affected: 1322
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 42


  • Total Homes Affected: 7061
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 195
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 210


  • Total Homes Affected: 350
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 26


  • Total Homes Affected: 12


  • Total Homes Affected: 283
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 2
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 1


  • Total Homes Affected: 248
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected:4


  • Total Homes Affected: 21
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 2


  • Total Homes Affected: 37
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 26
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 2


  • Total Homes Affected: 9
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 1

MEMA continues to work directly with Local County EMA Directors to assess further the damage caused by this tropical system. Residents can self-report damage to county emergency management agencies through MEMA’s self-reporting tool. Click here to view the self-report links for each county.

Before home repairs and reconstruction begins, permits must be obtained for communities that participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. The local Floodplain Administrator must assess the damage of the property inside the special flood hazard area. After the assessment has been completed, the permit official will notify the property owner of the results and what requirements they will need to meet during repairs.