January Winter Weather Update #3

Pearl, Miss. – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency continues to work with county and state partners as the state braces for another round of dangerous cold weather. Two additional weather-related deaths have been reported to MEMA in Chickasaw County. This occurred on Highway 15 just south of Houston. The Mississippi Highway Patrol is investigating. This brings the state’s total death toll to four since January 14th. MEMA previously reported two deaths in Humphreys and Sharkey counties earlier this week.

More dangerous cold is expected to impact the entire state of Mississippi beginning Friday night into Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service. Low temperatures could dip lower than 15 degrees. Everyone is asked to limit their time outdoors due to the risks of hypothermia and frostbite. Continue to keep pipes protected and faucets dripping to prevent pipes from bursting.

In many parts of the state, there is black ice on surfaces which increases the risk of falls and injuries. Tips on how to lessen the risk of falls in icy conditions include:

• Walk on designated walkways that have been treated for ice

• Take shorter steps and walk slower

• Wear proper footwear

• Get rid of distractions. Put away your phone and try not to carry heavy items.

For more information on road conditions, go to MDOTtraffic | Powered by MDOT.

Residents who need to warm up may seek shelter at a county or city-run warming center in your area. The full list of those shelters and safe rooms is here.

MEMA has many resources to help residents prepare for a storm, including the new MEMA app. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store free of charge. On the app, users can find checklists, shelter information, and customizable weather alerts tailored to each user.