USACE Provides Adams County with Pumps to Prevent Dam Failure

PEARL – The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) provided two pumps to Adams County in response to flash flooding that caused a partial breach of the Robins Lake Dam Thursday night.

The Robins Lake Dam is approximately 50 acres, and the breach occurred on Robins Lake Road, which is on the south side of the lake. The pumps are helping prevent further damage to the area. They are also used to assist in draining the lake to repair the dam, culverts, and the road. A small number of residents were also affected by the breach, as Robins Lake Road is their only egress from the area.

The 12-inch pumps come from the Vidalia, LA branch of USACE. They were received by Adams County emergency management today at 11:30 am.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) personnel and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Dam Safety team responded to the incident.

Crews will pump during daylight hours today and tomorrow, January 4th.

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